Mezzanine Floor For Sale

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Mezzanine Floor For Sale

Should you buy a used Mezzanine? In our professional opinion the answer to this is “why would you need to?”  If you’ve searched the classifieds for a “mezzanine floor for sale” then you’ll see that on face value you might save a few pounds. More often than not the saving are negated by the risks and problems that can be encountered when compared to the ease and cost effectiveness of installing a new PDC mezzanine floor.

The Risks of Second Hand

The customer requires experienced advice and expertise to ensure that the condition of any structural elements. Also the platform needs to meet the appropriate building regulations and strength requirements for the intended usage. If a mezzanine floor has been used previously then the condition, even with a visual inspection can never truly be known or validated. For example the uprights could of been involved in an industrial accident! Let’s say a forklift truck hit a support beam and caused a fracture in the steel. The seller may of painted over the damage in order to get the sale? It’s a buyer beware market and you could be buying scrap metal! Company directors are ultimately responsible should a structure be installed that is unsafe. This means that you may be answerable to the HSE in the event of an accident. Saving money isn’t an excuse when it comes to structural integrity and it’s your duty as a business owner. Is it worth it?

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Finding what you actually want?

The chances of finding a used mezzanine floor that exactly meets your requirements are slim at best. From experience we see that the shape, size, height, accessibility and safety considerations of raised platforms can vary massively from installation to installation. It’s important to also understand expansion (futureproofing) and things like accessory compatibility issues. For a new installation PDC can advise best practice to not only meet your requirements, but also offer creative solutions to ensure that you get the best value for money when considering current and potential future use.

This simply can’t be done with a second hand mezzanine floor, why leave it to chance?

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How much is a used mezzanine vs a new mezzanine?

The cost of a mezzanine floor is discussed here, but in a recent case study for an industrial client, the actual difference between a buying a used platform and a new quotation was negligible. The project team considered the cost of dismantling and erection, transport, inspection and refurbishment etc …. by the time the client had installed the second-hand platform (at risk) and cleared all building regulations there was little variation of total cost compared to buying new. So why not give us a call or get in touch to discuss a no obligation quotation… it’s the only way to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy a used mezzanine floor.