HOW MUCH DO MEzzanine floors cost?

Mezzanine Floor Prices can vary massively. There are many considerations that can effect the cost of installing a raised platform at your retail or warehouse facility. Here at PDC our team of experts are on hand to guide you through the process. Any modern business, from simple pick and pack storage to high tech manufacturing must be sure that the business case for any expansion is clearly defined and justified. In most cases a mezzanine floor is the most cost effective way to extend into unused space without paying for larger premises, which of course comes with the attached operating costs and business rates. Once your project is complete you will be able to negotiate with the relevant local authority under guidance of the VOA but in most cases you may not have to pay any additional rates due to the nature of the construction being demountable.

Technical specifications

The cost of a Mezzanine installation can be greatly effected by the technical specifications or building control requirements. PDC are highly experienced in all aspects of technical design and fully conversed with building regulations. Just tell us what you need from a mezzanine floor and we will guide you through the process. From heavy plant manufacturing loads to light storage or office use the load bearing capacity of any elevated platform can be calculated by design but this does have a small detrimental effect on price. Load bearing steel or concrete floors are of course more expensive than water resistant chip-board, so depending on your floor space this could have a considerable impact on price.

Other requirements that effect price are things like fire protection as demanded by building regulations. When installing a Mezzanine floor it is of paramount importance that we consider Fire risks and install the relevant protection and escape. Also if a client needs mechanical elements such and lifts, crane or conveyor equipment, the loading and structural make-up of the steel work will need to be calculated. Long spans and or accessibility can also impact the estimate.

Choose from thousands of cosmetic finishes to suit your mezzanine installations. PDC are able to contract everything from a simple chipboard finish to high specification luxury tiles. We are able to install glass / chrome handrails as well as safety features such and up and over pallet gates. We also fit out all elements of heating, lighting, CCTV and alarm systems on requests.

retail display attached to a mezzanine floor staircase in JD sports Birmingham
mezzanine floors

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Mezzanine floor can mean many things. It could be a simple raised platform or a fully fire protected high end retail finish. Here at PDC we are able to handle as much or a little of your project as you wish. Design only or a full turnkey solution, the only way to fully cost an installation is to speak with one of our team who would be more than happy to advise you.


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